Friday, November 19

Blog as Baby Book: Potty

3...2..1... and we have pee-pee in the potty! Exciting events around here tonight at bath time. Matilda was almost as excited as we were and let out a big "hip hip hooray!" immediately. Porter seemed perplexed by it. I know it is a long road till we are diaper-free, but an fun milestone regardless. Better than pee-pee on the carpet. It is especially funny because Porter started referring to himself as "baby" today.

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Max's and Paul's Dad said...

YEAH ... well done, Porter! You've entered phase TWO. Keep it up!
I can very well imagine how your reactions were and I can remember that our boys were mostly very imaginative on their potties. My son Max said with 2 and a half years as he sat on his potty after a while: "Daddy, poop doesn't taste good". Well, the reaction on this words was different then yours after Porter's first successful potty session but the potty phase was always very exciting.