Sunday, August 7

Weekend Snippets

Saturday: Pure Fun
We took Tim to the lagoon that the kids have really been digging and convinced him to go down the water slides. I can never go because I don't trust M & P to stand back and watch me.
I was rightfully so in my distrust, as they were so excited by Tim's trip down the water slide that they were practically vibrating. Plus it is so darn cold I just plain don't want to go down. After Tim surfaced from his dunking he gave a big whooping yell of shock. No thank you.

After water fun, we had birthday party bonanza. Our old neighbors (who have also since moved to a new, amazing house) had pizza, cake, mojitos, a trampoline, a rope swing, and about 100 preschool friends/parents mixing it up. Matilda was particularly enamored with the swing. What princess doesn't need a rope swing?
Sunday: Functional Fun
Today we focused our adventures on obtaining some missing furniture pieces for our new place. The Pasadena Flea Market was super fun and we scored an old fashioned school desk complete with old gum on the bottom! Then we headed off to an architectural salvage place to find more supplies.
The kids really loved looking at the items there and Matilda declared that she wants a water fountain installed in our new place. Tim said that maybe in our next house we can arrange that!
We topped it all off with some meatballs at IKEA to commemorate the kids eat free week AND to get some table legs for our new desk. Win win.

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