Wednesday, August 17

Kindergarten Prep

Our reaction to "real" school starting soon for Matilda seems to be one of spoiling her with as much quality time and attention that we can. I am making a concerted effort this month to ignore the unpacking and house projects that I should do and just enjoy summer with the kids.
Last weekend Tim took M away for a Daddy-daughter weekend to see Hearst castle, eat oysters, view the wild zebras of San Simeon, and just generally let Matilda dictate the agenda. They had a blast. Here they are lunching in SLO.Matilda said about 10,000 times how much she wanted to swim in the pools on the castle tour. Porter was only slightly jealous of the trip and has since asked her about any remotely fancy building he sees, "Is that the castle, Matilda?"They also hit the Santa Barbara zoo on their way back.To continue the "quality summer fun," the kids and I head to NY tomorrow for one last trip to see family there before we are forever (or for 15 years) tied to the school calendar for travel.

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