Friday, August 12


Tim & I miscommunicated about the market shopping last week and as a result he came home with several more pounds of apricots than we needed. I used it as motivation to kick start all the experimental canning I have been wanting to do and made some jam from this apricot jam recipe.
Not only did the jam turn out really yummy, but the jars seemed to actually have sealed properly, AND we now have apricot syrup as a byproduct that I can't wait to try on pancakes.The kids were both super into watching me make it last night. Porter pulled one of his late night party/refuse to go to bed evenings so he had some toast with jam for a late late night snack. Matilda was the first one up after me this morning and the first thing she said as she found me at the (new!) computer dest was, "Now can we try some of that jam on toast!?" Tomorrow's canning project: Spicy Nectarine Refridgerator Pickles.

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