Friday, August 19

Snippets of the Day, in Reverse Order

Tonight we discovered that Matilda finds the Talking Karl game funnier than almost anyone on earth. It was sending us all into hysterics just listening to her giggles as Karl repeated every word (and giggle) that came out of her mouth. Porter was really pleased that Grandma brought a little ball along from Michigan. He wouldn't even let me play with them, insisting that only Grandma got to play.
Matilda spent hours and hours in Gia's parents pool this afternoon. She only got out with promises of a return trip tomorrow.
Gemma enjoyed some time poolside as well. She is such a sweet, calm baby and it is so fun to get more time with her. This afternoon Gemma was laughing like crazy watching some goofy Matilda antics, that M was more than happy to repeat to infinity for her giggling cousin.
Our gal has strong survival instincts. I thought she would like seeing the big ice cream freezer at Gia's store today, but she was immediately freaking out as the door closed behind us. Even after I showed her that we could open it from inside she refused to come back in to check it out.
Technically this was breakfast for Porter. He was quite pleased to get a behind the scenes peek at the ice cream shop.

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