Thursday, August 4

Disney Weekday

The kids were treated to a highly anticipated Disneyland playdate with Alwyn and Adlai today. It did not disappoint! Everyone seemed to have a blast despite the heat with only a few minor meltdown/not-the-happiest-place-on-Earth moments.

Here the boys keep a sharp look out on the Casey Jr. Train from inside the monkey cage. One of three other train type rides today; Porter was pleased.
For the duration of the Small World ride Porter yelled to Alwyn detailing the various points of interest as he noticed them.
Matilda was quite pleased to return to the dancing-princess-etiquette-faire thing. So creepy. But at least now we know how to do a proper curtsey and address others when we are royal family members. Matilda did this swing/zip-line thing two times in a row. I was really proud because I expected her to be a bit too timid to try it but she was really gung ho and ran right off the first time yelling about how she wanted to go again. Thanks to an unusually short line (it was BUSY today) she looped around the waiting area and got right back on.
Soon after Porter woke up from his nap and joined her for more fun and climbing on the big adventure ropes play area.Quite pleased, and pretty, with her frozen lemonade treat. She really wanted cotton candy but we compromised on something that might actually hydrate her a bit for a day in the summer sun. All in all a super fun day that is sending me to bed early!

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