Tuesday, August 30

7 Days to Kindergarten

We are enjoying our last days free summer schedule days here with lots of swimming and friend meet-ups. Up tomorrow, a Dodgers game and a swim in a preschool friend's pool. Thursday = playdate at the park with an awesome fake stream thing for waterfun. Friday Porter will have a sitter while I take M for a "mommy date" to do a little shopping and lunch out and whatever else we find to entertain us.

NY was awesome, as always, with lots of swimming in gorges, pond and pool. Since getting home I somehow weaned Matilda off of her floaty/life vest/inflatable dependance. Much to her surprise, she discovered that she can really swim. It is so fun to see her finally comfortable to go without floating assistance.
Lots more NY pics to come, maybe after school starts when I have hours and hours of Porter-napping time to burn.

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