Tuesday, August 23


So everyone here in Ithaca has been accusing me of bringing a West Coast style earthquake along for some vacation excitement. I can't claim responsibility, but I can say it added a little fun to my beer buying experience at Ithaca Beer today. As I jumped out of the car and ran inside, I thought the employees were all being wacky with their funny wide legged stances. Then as I stood still I could totally feel the shakes. I managed to restrain myself from saying I was just visiting from LA where earthquakes are more commonplace, as I didn't want to poo-poo their excitement. I do feel bad that Grandma Kathy missed feeling it though, because I left her in the car with a napping Porter.

Earthquakes aside, we are having a really great time here with the perfect summer weather for swimming, lots of animals to love and good family time. two more days to cram in as much as we can before the trip back.

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Stella sends happy half-birthday wishes to her birthday sister!