Wednesday, August 31

Not Good: Poop in the Pool

So today there was some excitement at the fabulous, new public pool that I have recently started taking Matilda to everyday to quell the non-stop stream of chatter from her about which friend-with-a-pool we should call to just-say-hello-to. About 5 minutes before we were already planning to leave, the lifeguards made a rather gross discovery and ordered us all out of the pool. This lead to an insatiable stream of questions from my 5 year old.

Who pooped in the pool?
Why? Why would someone poop in the pool. (This is exactly what I want to know!)
How did they poop in the pool, were they not wearing any bottoms?
What are the lifeguards going to do? What is that long pole thing?
Why would someone poop in the pool?

Porter chimed in as well, asking if it was a big poop.

Life's little mysteries.

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