Saturday, April 30

Rock Out

We took the train downtown today for the big festival of books at USC.
Sadly, our biggest transit fan slept through the whole train ride and missed it. Matilda enjoyed it though as we don't get on the subway that often lately (and Porter will get his fill of trains tomorrow at his make-up birthday gathering at Travel Town).
A big bonus of going to the festival was seeing our old kids music pal, Justin Roberts, perform. Stella joined us and danced with Porter in the aisles for a bit before they both lost interest and left the aisle to run top speed around campus instead. Matilda danced for a few songs but spent a good part of the show very intently watching. She almost looked like she wasn't having fun, but each time we checked on her she assured us that she was just paying very close attention. Intermidtently she would hop up and dance around in between her solemn viewing from the chairs. Porter ran his little butt off and then entertained the entire bus on the drive home; by the time we got in the door he lost his tired little mind and was begging to go to bed!

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