Thursday, April 7

Butterflies House

Matilda got an awesome butterfly house for her birthday and we mail ordered the caterpillars right away. They arrived almost two weeks ago now and I really wish I had taken a photo of how tiny the caterpillars were when they first got here. Today they had finally finished filling their little plastic cup to the brim with poop and all 5 turned into chrysalis.
As per the instructions we moved them into their "house."
We peeled off the paper top and pinned it to the side of the little mesh house.
Matilda claims that now she has her own pets!
Porter was quite pleased with finally getting custody of this plastic cup, once the fragile residents were out. He spent quite some time shaking the yucky poop maraca before he threw it in the garbage bin. According to our suppliers, Insect Lore, 7-10 days until we have butterflies!

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