Friday, April 8

Train Traveling Visitors

This morning Porter & I went down to the train station to retrieve my grandparents for a quick overnight stay, before they cruise off to Mexico tomorrow a.m. Needless to say, Porter was dumbfounded by his good luck to be woken up early and dragged off to run around surrounded by trains. He couldn't be bothered to look at the camera as their were so many awesome passenger trains to keep track of. We enjoyed the nice morning outside with a coffee and bagel in the courtyard at Union Station.
Porter supervises, and generally gets underfoot, as Grandpa retrieves the checked bags.The Greats also brought along some great presents. Porter was particularly pleased to finally get some present-opening in as his birthday season opens. This "digger book" from Uncle Gordie and Aunt Lori was met with huge exclamations of "Wow" from Porter as looks of awe, as you can see here. Thanks guys!

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