Saturday, April 9

Wizard of Oz sing-a-long

For today's fun, after depositing the great grandparents at their cruise ship, we attended a sing-a-long screening of Matilda's old favorite. She still fits into her Dorothy dress and was one of MANY Dorothy's there. Here you can see a few in the aisles as they called everyone in costume to stand up:It was Porter's first in-theatre movie experience and he napped through the entire thing, which was kind of nice as I am sure he would not have sat for so long. Tim & I enjoyed the singing along and Matilda enjoyed some of it, and was stressed out by the scary parts (yes, even though she's seen it a 100 times). They also had a Dorothy-impersonator (complete with a taxidermied Toto) who may not have looked like Judy Garland's twin to grown-ups, but totally enchanted M.Matilda's new sparkly birthday-sneakers matched her dress perfectly and were just as good as ruby slippers. It was crazy to see how much taller and long she looks lately, but especially so in this dress.
After the movie, Matilda made a point to mention to me how she wished she had invited Aunt Gia to come because she likes Wizard of Oz so much, too!

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