Monday, April 18

Matilda Ingalls Wilder

Today we got the most exciting package in the mail from my Aunt Molly! It is a dress and bonnet my mom sewed for my (award winning!) Little House on the Prairie costume. Matilda was instantly clamoring to get into it and wore the bonnet the entire evening, even to Vons. A checker thoroughly confused her by asking if she had been to "colonial days." I just need to get her a little white apron and find a tin bucket for her lunch and she'll be totally ready to head off to school in September!


Grandma Marge said...

I have the white apron and will send it along to reunite with the Laura Ingalls dress. Brings back a flood of memories! Too cute.

Jess Butler said...

Great memories from me too!! This was one of my most favorite costumes ever. I was very miffed when people passing out treats referred to me as some common "prairie girl". Couldn't they see I was carrying a copy of Little House on the Prairie along with my trick or treat bag??!?