Friday, April 1

Yay for Drugs!

For once, I am terribly thankful to be taking pharmaceuticals as they're making me feel better quite quickly. Porter has been especially full of energy these past few days, so regardless of my energy level we are still getting out and about just to try and wear him down a bit. Wednesday we caught a bird show at the zoo.
I think we may have created a monster by allowing her to be the assistant at the Reptile Party because she was quite disgruntled to not be chosen as a volunteer at the bird show. This was the look on her face:
At the end of the show she headed toward the trainer, as usual to ask a question, but this time told me she was going to ask why she did't get picked. I quickly convinced her that was an inappropriate question!

Thursday to avoid the heat we headed inside to the Natural History museum where we discovered that Matilda is now taller than a black bear but shorter than a Grizzly.
Porter enjoyed the Discovery Room thoroughly and somehow managed to not break anything as he manhandled the shells, skeletons and fossils.
Today we hit the mall where Matilda spent some birthday money on her newest prized possession, Rapunzel:
M is so pleased with her princess Barbie. As soon as we got home Rapunzel tried on Dorothy's ruby slippers and Batgirl's tall boots! In this picture, you can kind of see Matilda's beat up nose. She fell onto a big plastic dinosaur at school. I was very thankful we had Grammy the nurse with us yesterday to assure me M's nose wasn't broken; it looked so swollen and bruised. Today it is looking much better.
After shopping, we got take out and hit the park to get Porter some more play time in. He did a great job of feeding himself with minimal mess or distraction from the meal.

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