Tuesday, June 5

Venus, Berries and Asphalt!

The rest of those strawberries Porter and I picked found a home with the rhubarb Tim picked up at farmer's market. A classic combination that will never fail to remind me of my Grandma Margie.
Porter and I did more picking this week at a huge patch of wild boysenberries we found a few blocks away in the neighborhood. Score!
 Our street was closed today for a new asphalt sealant coat to be put on. Porter was so thrilled with the whole affair. It did not hurt that the workmen were sitting on the corner eating lunch as we came home. My little social butterfly chatted them up a ton and the guys were all really friendly back, solidifying their superstar status in Porter's eyes.
We also took time to go see Venus crossing the sun at the Observatory this afternoon. Matilda saw it really well through one of the big telescopes set up in the lawn, but I do not think Porter could actually make it out. Regardless they had fun in the festival like atmosphere with their new special "sun glasses." After our visit I realized what a rare, special occurrence it is (happening next in 2117), I was glad we managed to see it. even if the kids only remember the craziness of the Observatory.

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