Thursday, June 7

Eventful Day!

Today Stella's brother decided to make his appearance so we got to pick her up from school! Who's ready to party I asked them and without hesitation everyone yelled, "Me!"
After a pit stop at home to re-group and eat dinner we all headed to the science fair at school. It was amazing with fun exhibits, hands on experiments, french fried cricket snacks (Matilda ate them, liked them and would not let me even try one: she gobbled them up!), and regular old bake sale treat. Stella went for a cupcake while Porter chose one of the bird nest cookies we made.
After loads of excitement Stella and I headed to the hospital for even more, to see her baby brother. Meet Rafi, born today at 2:18pm at 7lb 12oz. He's a lucky boy to have such an excited, sweet big sister.   

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