Saturday, June 23

First Sleepover!

Look who headed on the road with her pillow tonight! Just this morning she was talking to me about what sleepover friends she wanted to invite over soon. Then, late afternoon, the mom of one of her oldest gal pals called to invite Matilda over for the night. Matilda was THRILLED and completely neglected to say goodbye to me as she dashed out of the car when I dropped her off.
In her absence, Tim and I took Porter out for a boy date to Pie and Burger, a fantastic little diner place in Pasadena. Porter devoured his burger and fruit cup and then had room left to eat most of my rhubarb pie.
 This picture of bedtime silliness just arrived in my inbox. The kids gave each other manicures, watched a movie, ate ice cream and who know what else. Fun all around!

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