Friday, June 15

3rd Annual Preschool Camping Trip

This camping trip is just better every year as the kids get older and know more kids. Porter spent the weekend testing out every possible riding thing that came along including bikes, trikes, scooters and skateboards. 

You like how he is wearing his helmet for tree climbing but not on the bikes. I swear this kid should just wear a helmet at all times. (Unrelated side note: The other day I was explaining to Porter why kids are not allowed to run on the treadmills at the gym and he responded with, "Maybe I should just wear a helmet when I run on a treadmill!?")
We made it down to the beach both days for tidepooling, cave exploring and general splashing.

This was the sandiest box of frosted cheerios on record. Porter could not be convinced to stop eating them, despite the grit. I can understand as I have very fond childhood memories of the mini-boxes of sugar cereal we were all allowed on our last camping day.
Check out this fantastic Saturday night potluck dinner that everyone comes to. Tea lights and lanterns in the trees, cloth tablecloths, gourmet food for a small gathering of 40-50 families. Can you tell that I am not at all stressed about being in charge of the camping trip next June?

Amazingly, no one was skewered or burned as the massive hoards roasted marshmallows. I think together my kids probably ate an entire bag of marshmallows between them: roasted, cold, in s'mores, in cocoa. So good. 

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