Tuesday, June 19

Last Days of Kindergarten

Today was Matilda's last day of school. The summer is super short this year as they change the school calendar a bit next year and we start up mid August. We are going to have a first grader in no time! 

Here she is goofing with friends in the line for drop off yesterday.
 Matilda's kindergarten teacher has been out for the last 4 weeks as she injured both her ankles badly. It was like Santa Claus visiting to witness the teacher's return to the class yesterday for a final farewell.
 Posing with Porter before her final walk to school as a kindergartner (sob!).
 When we offered up dinner out to celebrate, she choose sushi again, just like on her birthday. Here she is savoring her salmon.
Time for the summer fun to begin. The plan for tomorrow: beach! 

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