Friday, November 27

Almost Urgent

After a bit of fooling around this afternoon, which involved me pulling her arm, Matilda grabbed her elbow and started crying and then kept crying even with an ice pack. Fairly immediately Tim and I wondered about her elbow being pulled out of joint and I started feeling quite guilty. After a chat with Grammy-the-nurse and a call to our pediatrician we decided a trip to urgent care was in order. The saddest part was when she was crying to all the gathered family, "I need to go to the hospital," as we all asked various questions trying to assess her situation. She seemed to be in pain the whole car ride to the urgent car, especially wrangling with the carseat straps, and even as I was carrying her in to the clinic. Then as I sat her down to fill out intake forms she suddenly started having increased mobility. When Tim arrived a moment later, as my mom watched sleeping Porter, he noticed the same thing I had: she seemed fine now. Without fully checking in, a considerate nurse gave M a few basic tests and helped rationalize what could have happened (like she had popped it back into joint as we sat there). I think we won't really know for sure what happened but I can say there will be no more carpet dragging in our household. At the end of it she left the clinic smiling and ran out into the parking lot yelling, "Grandma Marge my arm feels good! Let's go back and have our family dinner!"

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