Tuesday, October 7

Spoonful of Sugar

So we have been all kinds of sick around here lately. Nothing terribly serious, just one cold after another for all three of us. Over the weekend Matilda's most recent cold turned into a terrible cough that sounded like a dog's bark with lots of wheezing. When in doubt we always turn to our stand-by medical website, Ask Dr. Sears, which has great info on childhood illnesses, dosing by weight and child development information. Tim was quite disturbed when our visit to the pediatrician Monday morning concurred with his online diagnosis, croup. As a result Matilda was prescribed with three days worth of steroids to fight the cough & congestion. (We need to start getting her to hit the weight circuit I think and see some real results.) The pediatrician said the medication is flavored but has an awful aftertaste so she actually recommended a spoonful of sugar, or jam, after the medicine. Matilda choose straight sugar of course, since she is not a jam girl and has been taking her medicine with no problem, singing like Mary Poppins the whole time.

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