Tuesday, October 21

Antisocial Behavior

Anytime that we mention going to a playground lately, Matilda's immediate response is, "No Kids! No kids on the playground." She sometimes goes on to elaborate that she doesn't want to share: her toys, her snacks, or just the playground in general. Once we are there, she usually shares o.k., with occasional outbursts that we can talk her through. We have yet to actually leave a playground early over the issues, although there have been plenty of threats. It is a strange phenomenon, because she is great at sharing with her friends, but somehow the neutral setting of a playground with stranger kids sets her off somehow. Once in a while she will apply her "no kids" chant to some other destination. Yesterday as we were going into a store, scouting for Halloween costume items, she started into her "no kids in the store" chant. I decided I was sick of hearing it, and tired of my canned response so I tried to just ignore her. She wasn't having it and just got louder and louder with her insistent demand of "no kids" until I finally gave in and responded. I think I told her, "Fine, if you don't want to be friendly to the kids that is okay, but I hope we see some kids to say hello to." She came right back with a chipper, "Matilda say hi to kids!"

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