Monday, October 20

The Candidates

Matilda has been getting a lot of exposure around here to the election (not that we are explaining much to her about it) and for weeks now has been babbling about Barack Obama any time she hears his name on the news. I love the way she says his name, all run together like it is one word. Last week, as we were watching the Dodgers game, Matilda saw an Obama t.v. ad and started up her rant. "That's Barack Obama. She's talking about Barack Obama." As the advertisement finished and the next random commercial came on she pointed to some man and said "that's John McCain." It wasn't in fact McCain, but it made me laugh and realize how much she's paying attention. Now anytime she sees McCain talking on t.v. she recognizes him instantly and will say "He's talking about Barack Obama." She has watched all the debates with us and now clearly thinks the two belong together as some kind of package. 

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