Friday, October 3

Painting Party

I invited two of Matilda's little friends over for some painting this week and it was funnier than I could have predicted. Matilda started referring to the playdate as art class as soon as I told her and highly anticipated it for days. M, the little girl in braids, was quite hesitant to get her fingers dirty and preferred to use a paintbrush. Matilda and her other friend, A, both clearly have an affinity for finger painting. Well actually, Matilda will use the brush to paint her hands and arms, but that's usually the extent of her need for a brush.Eventually Matilda & A convinced their buddy to get her fingers in and everyone got a bit messier. The end result was lots of art to send home for the parents and a very messy bathtub. Matilda thought it was the funniest thing to have all three of them in the tub together and cackled the entire time rinse off session . 

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