Thursday, October 9

Mama Could Try Harder

This week Matilda started using the word "could" very heavily in her everyday language. Now all day long I am hearing sentences like these:
"Mama could hold you."
"Mama could get you some water."
"Mama could read Matilda a book."

Before this development she was constructing her sentences/requests exactly the same, only leaving out the could:
"Mama hold you." (Incidentally I hear this roughly 1,000 a day, it is M's stand-by whine if she is tired/hungry/needing anything.)
"Mama get you some water." (Occasionally with a please thrown in there)
"Mama read Matilda a book."

I love the new addition of "could" to everything because in my head she is just making an assessment of the situation. I imagine what she really means is "If Mama was doing a better job she could _________." 

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