Tuesday, October 28

Halloween Picnic

We were invited to a little Halloween celebration last weekend where we got to see all of Matilda's buds dressed up. It was a pretty hysterical sight. Matilda wore her chicken costume from last year since this year's costume still has several pieces sitting on the sewing machine.

I had volunteered to make a snack for the picnic and when I lost my motivation for popcorn balls Tim saved the day by finding a super yummy, fast solution online: cinnamon crisps. I can't find the same one again now, but it is essentially this recipe, although I used olive oil instead of butter and baked them for longer - about 18 minutes until they were pretty crispy. Instead of just cutting the flour tortillas into eighths, we used cookie cutters to make them into spiders, pumpkins, bats and ghosts. The spiders were the best because as they baked the hardening would cause them to stand up. 

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