Friday, April 11

Get Gaurav

Lately when I go running with Matilda in the stroller she has started chanting about getting whoever is running ahead of us. "Get Sarah, get Gaurav, get her (insert random stranger here)." It is good motivation to keep us running faster as G & S try to run ahead and I try to push and catch them, all playing along with Matilda's chant.

This morning the first thing Tim & I heard through the monitor from Matilda as she woke up was "get Gaurav." We laid in bed laughing while she woke up and moved on to her regular morning calls of "mama, nurse, mama, MAMA" which escalate from wake up yell to full scream in about 15 seconds flat. Gaurav is suggesting Matilda sees him as a running role model while Sarah thinks she was dreaming of kicking his butt, passing him by in Bob. I can only imagine what she was dreaming/plotting.

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