Friday, April 25

Fever Days

Matilda has had a high fever for two days now. It was high enough Wednesday night (103+) to freak me out and send us scurrying to the fill-in pediatrician yesterday morning. Dr. A gave me the fever-is-good lecture and sent me packing, which infuriated me (of course I know fever is good, her body is fighting, la la la) and did nothing to calm my concerns. We are just supposed to manage the fever and hang in there, there is no apparent infection. Which would be fine if it weren't so damned freaky. I cannot stop worrying out about her temperature and she amazingly tolerates me compulsively taking her temperature over and over all day. I have taken it so much I am already on the second page of my medicine/fever log.

Matilda is handling it all pretty well and is only really miserable when her temp gets up in the 103s area (which is pretty much whenever we get within an hour of her ibuprofen or acetaminophen wearing off). I was so freaked by finding her temp at 103.9 Wednesday night that I decided we needed to cool her off and woke her up (from a really restless sleep) for a bath. She could not have been more excited and started in quickly with her "Splash Mama!" routine and normal bath behavior.

M is getting more resistant to the delicious grape or bubble gum flavored chewables and we have resorted to slathering them in peanut butter. I am sure this is a huge choking hazard but I know countless dogs in my childhood survived, so it can't be all bad for my kid, right? Besides I don't have any alternative really, she spews the liquid medicine back so I am just thankful for chewables at this point. I think the answer would be artichoke flavored Tylenol.

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