Monday, April 14

Milestones of Sorts

As Tim stated in his guest post, Matilda is stunning us with her developmental leaps and bounds lately. It is all too much to really keep track of but here's a list of a few things I don't want to forget:
  • On Friday she learned to do the wave at the Dodgers game. Here you can see her, arms up, waiting for the wave to come back around to us. On our drive home I asked her what her favorite part of the game was and she said, "cheer," which just melts my heart with sweetness. What a fun loving girl we have. In the days leading up to the game all she talked about was that Gigi would be there and that we would clap. Tim put up video of the wave here.

  • Matilda started singing along to songs this weekend. Tim noticed it first Saturday with Frère Jacques but we have since heard her singing along with several other of the regular songs. On the note of music, this totally toddler inappropriate song is her current favorite. We listened to it more than 5 times straight in the car yesterday.

  • Matilda thinks she is cute. We have all been convinced for quite a while now, but it cracks me up to hear it from her. After putting on a hat or changing shirts she will look down at herself and exclaim "cute!" She always says it with this hat, and when Matilda & Molly had a hat fashion show Saturday night M noted Molly's cuteness too:
  • M has been getting better at sitting quietly and looking at books alone recently. This past week she has really started to step up her out loud reading, saying a few words from memory on each page. The first book we noticed her doing this with was Moo, Baa, La La La. The book reads: "A cow says moo. A sheep says baa. Three singing pigs say la la la. No, no you say, that isn't right. The pigs say oink all day and night. Rhinoceroses snort and snuff." And so on with some other animals. Matilda's version sounds like this (which I should just get on video, but in case I don't): "Cow Moo. Sheep Baa. La La La. No No! Right, OINK! Snort Snuff."

  • If prompted, Matilda will say "I love you." You can imagine the affect.

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