Monday, April 28

Strawberry Bonanza

Before the dreaded fever of death hit last week, Matilda and I had a really fun day picking strawberries at Underwood Farm. Matilda's basket looked like this the entire time because she ate every one she picked. I thought that the farm was a little less pesticide-loving than I later found out; now I am just trying not to think about the amount of crud we ingested. If you buy nothing else organic, buy organic strawberries folks; strawberries hold more pesticides than any other crop. While the strawberries were very much appreciated, the real highlight of the day for Matilda was the army of ladybugs in the field. Here is one good video of ladybug love, but Tim has other videos from the day up.

After the strawberry fest we did our normal farm tour with chicken feeding, hay stack climbing, car napping for the trip home, and then rounded out the day with some strawberry shortcake fixin' in the evening.

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