Thursday, April 24

Hiatus Over

Sorry for the long break my fair readers. I am sure you thought that Matilda stopped doing cute things all together, so there was no need to document. Actually, I just took a little internet break and stayed busy enjoying all her cuteness and my sweet little family. We've had lots of fun adventures I will try to catch you up on, but as usual Tim is keeping the pictures updated to fill in the blanks.
Last week my mom, Grandma Marge, came for a perfectly timed visit. M had such a fun time with my mom and has woken up several mornings since she left asking for her "Gramarge." I made the mistake of mentioning our upcoming visit to Grandma Marge's house and Matilda is asking daily for "Gramarge house?"
Some highlights of our weekend: Poquito Mas, play dough mushing, a trip to the bird show for Grandma, a cold and very windy (think sandstorm windy) visit to the beach,
some random silly giggling, and lots of Reggie the alligator biting Grandma Marge's nose.

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