Saturday, April 5

Pinchy Crab Lover

Due to a family history of shellfish allergies, we have been fairly cautious and not given Matilda any shellfish up until yesterday. Crabs have been central in our household fun for a long time due to the "pinchy crab" game, where one parent is the crab and chases Matilda's naked buns yelling "pinchy, pinchy, pinchy." Matilda cackles with glee and runs to the other parent for "protection," which generally involves heaving her butt up into the air to maximize pinching by the crab.

Matilda fascination with crabs has been growing exponentially lately. A recent trip to the seafood counter sent her over the edge when Matilda was allowed to hold a (cooked) crab. Since then she has every few days requested a trip to the store to see/hold/eat the crab. We finally broke down and bought crabs yesterday. After much petting of the little guys, and with the baby Benadryl at the ready, Matilda tried her first crab. It did not disappoint. For the first half of the meal Tim and I could barely keep up with her cries for more as we cracked the shell open and forked every last bit over to her. She did finally slow down so we got our fair share, but I am afraid crab is going up on the list of frequently-requested-foods with artichokes and fish. What a gourmand! The video is longish if you are not Matilda's parents and find her every move and utterance charming, so you are completely excused if you don't make it through the full 3 minutes.

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