Sunday, August 12

Beach Weekend Getaway

We went overnight this weekend down to Newport Beach for a quick family get-away before first grade starts Tuesday (ah!). It was such a perfect little beach town and we had a perfect beach weekend.
Porter needs his tongue out to play whack-a-mole. 
 We rode a ferris wheel in the aptly named "Fun Zone."
Frozen banana dipped in chocolate with Porter's choice of topping = perfect pick-me-up for an exhausted beach boy.
I think these guys really look like siblings here as they both display their concerned faced. They were watching the ferry park as we waited for our turn to ride.
More concern.
 Sunny beach girl.
Like a kid in a candy store; they both choose chocolate rocks as their pick.

Now that we have discovered this not-so-far-away beach, I suspect we will be back soon for a day trip. It was the perfect beach with mild waves and beautiful clear water.
The hotel pool was almost as good as the beach to Matilda. It took a lot of cajoling to get her out of the pool this morning so we could get on with our beach-fun-agenda.

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