Thursday, August 9

Family Food Heritage!

In only 5 days with my family at the lake we managed to eat a lot of food! Here are some possible submissions for the next family-cookbook-compliation:

Greek salad by Mom. 
"Mexican s'mores" presented by Mary Beth. Tortillas with peanut butter, chocolate chips and marshmallows all wrapped in foil and melted to perfection.
Aunt Gia did us right with her ice cream truck perfectly named the "Gemma Sundae."
Pancake bar: chocolate chips, dried cranberries, almonds and fresh blueberries. You can imagine what kind of pancakes my kids ate that morning!
Experimental territory here. Mike and Janelle assisted me in my crazy idea to bake spice cake (from a box mix!) inside oranges, wrapped in foil, in the campfire. Great Grandpa Fred approved of the final results.
Enchiladas, steak, rice and guac (not shown because I ate it all) by Aunt Lori and Aunt Jeanne. Those East coasters always want Mexican food so they delivered.
Rich filled brownies. I challenge you to eat two of these. You will hurt.
Salted peanut chews. "Not a Christmas cookie. A camping cookie."
Grandma Marge and Grandpa Chris do Cornell BBQ chicken.
Aunt Jeanne again with a fabulous pizza night.
It takes a lot of supervision to turn those campfire treats properly.
(Note: The sweets to food ratio may be slightly skewed in my representation here, but only slightly.)

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