Thursday, August 16


So far, so good for first grade it seems. Matilda's permanent teacher is just finishing up maternity leave and will start on Monday. Matilda has been reporting how wild her classmates are being (never her, no never, for sure!) and is seeming perturbed by it. I think she will be glad to be have things get more settled and orderly next week. 

Speaking of chaos, here is a shot of just part of our crew celebrating the end of day 1 back to school with gelato. 
 While in Newport Beach last weekend we let the kids each pick one item from the toy store and Matilda settled on a geode
Porter was very eager to get in on the hammering action. Swim goggles double nicely as safety goggles in a pinch. 
 Inspecting the crystals inside once she cracked it open.
 Today, after the summer away, I got back in the groove of things exercising at the Y. Porter was not previously a huge fan of the childcare room but went today completely willingly. To reward him for bravery I checked out rackets and a ball and took Porter to play in one of the racketball courts. He had an absolute blast! 
I also wanted to shout out to the Virginia cousins. We squeezed in a super quick visit with these guys on our road trip and Porter and Matilda have been talking about them all a ton since. (Matilda says good luck for Kindergarten; Porter says he wants to come hike around at the nature center again.) 

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