Friday, August 10

Animal Portraits

My Dad and Kathy's house is a great place to clock some animal time if you are an animal loving kid, or adult for that matter. Meet just some of the cast of characters:

Widus, a big sweet lab-poodle mix (aka labradoodle). 
Unidentified lamb.
Kitty, a sweet old girl.
Gracie, the oldest ewe on the farm.
Annie, a pretty white horse.
Eli, the big boss draft horse.
Shadow the miniature horse. He likes to think he is boss. Don't bother trying to tell him otherwise.
Ricky the pug. Dad called her a skitter-flea and Matilda loved that nickname. It perfectly personifies Ricky as she is a nervous girl.
Otis the donkey is like a big dog; every time I visit he just gets friendlier.
Beautiful Sammy was just a tiny kitten at our wedding reception, stalking through the tables.
Snaggletooth Ginger.
Abbey, at your service.
Wild geese out by the pond.
Cassidy the pug has claimed the picnic table as her napping zone.

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