Monday, August 27

All About Matilda

For Matilda's first class project this school year the kids each were asked to put 5 things in a box that tell about their interests so the teacher and other classmates can get to know them. The students were asked to write a few sentences explaining what they chose. For posterity, I am listing below what Matilda included in her shoe box and what she wrote (with her spelling included):

1. Andrewsarchus - I love science! Andrewsarchuses were prihistoric mammals and they are very cool.
2. Swim goggles - I love swimming because it is good ecsersis. I learnd how to swim this summer.
3. Can of anchovies - I love salty foods espeshaly anchovys. I love sea food.
4. Photo of the rats - I have 3 pet dorf rats. Thar names are Watson, Leopold and Tinchi. They scweec wen they fit. [aka - squeak when they fight]
5. Korgi comic book -I love books and reading. This Korgi book is really speshil to me. It has Creephog in it. The artest drew me a picture in it. (At Comic-con, Tim got the author and the artist of her favorite comic to sign their newest book for her.)

She practiced her little presentation to us a few times and is excited to share her items in class. I was really impressed with how well she knew herself to represent her interests. I think if she was left to her own agenda that reading, swimming and "playing" with the rats would occupy 95% of her time.

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