Sunday, August 5


All of us had a blast getting to meet Gio on our trip and to see more of Gemma. In case you family need to see more of these cuties here are some good pics from our days together. 
 Gemma loves ice cream. I think it is in her blood.
 A texting pro already?
 Yum, pancakes made by G-pop.
Oh, that look. I think it means trouble! 
Lucky Brian gets to hold a pile of sweet sleeping baby. 
Happy face for Grandma.

 Wrapped up sleeping and adorable. 
 Gio is not so thrilled with Matilda holding him.
It seems that maybe Grandma Marge is not doing much better in Gio's book.
It is lucky this boy is all the way in New York. 
He is so cute I might eat him if I could get my hands on him.

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