Sunday, May 27


The weather this weekend is absolutely perfect for a schedule of holiday leisure. We went to Santa Barbara for the day yesterday and had a fantastic time. First up we headed to the zoo. In addition to seeing some animals and the awesome penguin feeding, we did a lot of sliding down the grassy knoll they have on their playground.

 The lawn there is also good for a game of chase, followed by horizontal recuperation for whoever needs it.

 After a brief nap (Porter) and shopping spree (me), we headed to the harbor for dinner at our favorite place there, Brophy Bros. There is always a long wait but we easily passed the hour walking around the harbor and spotted more sea life than usual: sea lions, pelicans, sting ray, cormorants, crabs, sea stars and a huge school of fish.
 Matilda had the waitress chuckling when she insisted that all she wanted for dinner was oysters.
This little hitchhiker clam (or maybe mussel?) on the side of her oyster shell thrilled Matilda. After much fiddling, she managed to pry it loose and brought it home in her pocket. (Which means I will likely find it in the washing machine later this week!) 
 To wrap up the night we headed over to the beach for a run around on the beach.
 Here is Porter, pantless, trying to "bonk his kite" against the moon. Everyone ended up soggy and sandy, but had a fantastic time.

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