Monday, May 14

Galapagos Update!

So apparently the internet service in the Galapagos in dodgey, imagine that. Tim seems to have forgiven them though after a day of hiking a volcano and snorkeling with tons of these marine iguanas, penguins, sea turtles, a sea lion and zillions of pretty fish. As I rattled off all the cool things Tim saw snorkeling today, Matilda asked with the most serious and concerned look, "Did he see any mermaids?" I think anything might be possible in such a magical place.

Up for tomorrow's agenda is a little hike-scramble-around on an islet that is a major breeding area for the marine iguanas so they will get more lizard action. Then they will snorkel right off that islet in an area with lots of sea lions, sharks and manta rays. And that is all before lunch! The agenda around here is a bit tamer with music class, some Target returns and a trip to Trader Joe's on our list; equally exciting I think.

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