Wednesday, May 23

The Travelers Have Returned!

Well, actually they returned days ago now but we are very slowly extracting the stories from them. Here are a few random pictures to prove they went, they saw, they conquered. I mean Grammy conquered; she hiked all sorts of hills she was not sure she could and snorkeled and more.  

 Those are marine iguanas swimming towards her in the background there.
The kids LOVE to see pictures of Daddy using the "snorkeler" as Porter calls it. 
I love hearing him say snorkeler. 
 On Mother's Day upon arrival to the Galapagos. (I had a pretty sweet Mother's Day myself that I meant to post about. Oops.)
 These marine iguanas are so awesome. When Tim got in super late Sunday night, Porter woke up and came out to discover the plush marine iguana Daddy had brought him. Porter proceeded to snuggle with it all that night!
There are plenty of pics so we will work our way through them and try to get more up for viewing.

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