Thursday, May 17

Disneyland Day

 As usual, everyone had a blast at Disneyland today with Adlai and Alwyn. Here are a whole bunch of pictures from the day, in wacky order because I can't be bothered to fix them or edit them down to a more reasonable number.

Matilda was looking like such a big kid to me today. I know I say this all the time but she really did look so big. First grade will be here so soon!
In the spirit of big kid, I totally lied and told the ride attendant that she was 7 so she could fly by herself on Dumbo! You can just barely see her Dodgers hat peeking at us from the yellow elephant. She was quite pleased with the experience and even managed to not correct my lie.

 Tongue out concentrating as he tries to get the tea cup spinning.
 Porter giggled so hard as we spun, it was contagious!

 For whatever reason the park was not too crowded today and we managed to do a few things we rarely do when the wait is longer. For the first time ever, I agreed that we could stand in line to "meet the princesses." It was a 40 minute wait! Porter was maybe even more excited than Matilda.
Hopefully the long wait will remind them next time it is not worth the pay off of quickie hellos and a photo with three random girls in bad wigs.
 Matilda loves this rope swing zip line. She flew up so high at the end that Porter "wowed!"
 Some kind of zombie dance party with Adlai after lunch to a ragtime band.

 As they each drove the pill bug bumper cars today I discovered something interesting; turns out Matilda and Porter both make the same driving face :

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