Wednesday, May 16

Scheming Sea Lions

Here is the email update Tim sent us late last night:

Today I played with young sea lions while I was trapped in mini ocean pool while snorkeling . They wanted to play fetch and brought me a stick but I was too slow. But they kept coming back as I was trying beat the current and climb over rocks. Saw more penguins and lots of marine iguanas. 10 wild tortoises. Out early tomorrow hopefully better wifi in Santa Cruz so I can send some more pix. Love you all wish you swim on these gorgeous beaches.

I am not sure if I should be concerned or not about where those sea lions are trying to lure TIm to. Playful or sinister, hard to tell! 

Today's agenda seems a little exhausting what with the early wake up and all. 
At 5:00 a.m. we will prepare ourselves to go to the dock (wake-up at 4:45 AM). We will take the Public speedboat which leaves at 6:00 a.m. (subject to change), to Puerto Ayora (2 hour and a half estimated travel time).

Upon arrival the guide will take us to eat breakfast, after which we will take a short rest before making our way to the Highlands of Santa Cruz. Here we will have the unforgettable opportunity to observe the famous Giant Tortoises in their natural environment, which also known as Galapagos, and it is from these wonderful creatures which the Islands derive their name. We will also be able to see the famous Galapagos Finches, Bird Wizards, as well as endemic vegetation such as Escelacias forests and Matazarnos. After our incredible encounter with the Giant Tortoises, we will return to Puerto Ayora for lunch.

On the afternoon we will go for a ride toward Garrapatero Beach. (ride is approx 60mins). After this we will hike around it’s beautiful white sand beach where will enjoy the crystal clear Galapagos waters. We will return to the hotel and have Dinner.

Here at home the kids let me sleep until 6, which is 7 Galapagos time, practically a lazy morning!

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