Saturday, July 24


We did our annual pilgrimage to the huge comic show in San Diego today and everyone survived and enjoyed at least parts of it, if not all. Matilda checks out the enormous Green Lantern lantern.
We spent a fair amount of time again at the Lego booth. She may or may not be licking boogers off her lip here. Somehow 1 week later Matilda came down with Porter's cold today and had a faucet nose all day and a low grade fever by the time we returned home.
Porter's happiest moment: when he talked a cleaning crew member out of their broom and made a break for it in the lobby. He was very done with being carried by the time we were 2/3 of the way through our day there.
I didn't actually carry the kids like this all day, but it sure feels like I did. Just corralling them both among so many people is a tiring endeavor.

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