Wednesday, July 2

Not Napping

Today is the second day in a row that Matilda has resisted all napping efforts. As soon as she starts to feel tired she starts a "No Nap" chant. "No nap, go living room, no nap, no resting." I am not ready to give up nap time. I really want that 30-75 minutes. I need it. I really hope this is a passing phase. Right now she is sitting quietly on her bed reading as I am trying to at least implement a quiet time in place of napping. 

The upside is that yesterday she feel asleep at the reasonable hour of 9:15, rather than the late 10:30-11ish bedtime that has been killing Tim & I lately. We would try to get her to bed around 9 and it would turn into this long, drawn out storytelling back-rubbing fest that left the adult exhausted and cranky. So, time will tell what this little trend is. Maybe no nap is worth getting those two hours back in the evenings. That's all the thrilling news from around here: fascinating toddler sleep trends. 

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