Tuesday, July 22

Lean Mean Machine

Matilda is looking really long to me lately. These snapshots I grabbed of her this morning (one in our dingy apartment building hallway) seem to really show her long legs. It is possible she looks especially long here because she is modeling her new underpants! While I am trying not to get my hopes up about the underpants (and their relation to potty training) too much, Matilda is super excited to have picked them out this morning so we'll see. Not only in she lean, but she's been manifesting quite the temper this past week since returning from NC. I would not go so far as to say she's a mean machine, but things have been much more challenging than usual. We aren't sure if it is jet lag and being overwhelmed from the trip, a bit of a bug she picked up, or just the terrible twos finally manifesting themselves. We are hoping for one of the first two choices. Tim & I are trying to be more patient and responsive and encourage more communication all around. (And though I'm not sure it helps her development, I find that I hold my breath when it seems we are on the verge of a tantrum, hoping it doesn't escalate too far.)

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