Monday, July 28

Go, Going, Gone

For our linguist audience out there (Frusl, that's you) I thought I should share a funny language anecdote from Matilda. Yesterday we had plans to go the the Aquarium, but even as we were driving there we hadn't yet told M our destination. We wanted her to nap en route and didn't want the excitement of it all to get her wound up. It turns out the not-knowing was even worse for her. The entire first 15 minutes of the drive she kept saying, "went.....went....going....Matilda going.....go.....went......Matilda went." Tim & I both figured out pretty quickly what she was trying to get at, but it was so funny to listen to her back there trying to get the right combination of words together to ask her question. Finally Tim gave in and told her our plans, which turned out to be a good decision. After only a few minutes of monologue on the animals she planned to visit she relaxed and fell asleep rather quickly.

Bonus language tidbits, for baby book type recording: Last week Matilda referred to herself as "I" three times. Up until then she had always said me, "Me do it. Me taste it. Me want it." I will be sad to see the "me" narrative gone when she has switched to the correct grammar.

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