Tuesday, July 8

A Born Coach

Lately Matilda has been really into telling us to "Try." Whenever we express doubt as to whether we can do something, M will respond with "Try." While drawing with cousin Jessica Matilda asked her to draw a quail. Jessica said she wasn't sure she could draw one but Matilda responded with a simple "Try." Turns out Jessica drew a perfectly passable quail. While romping in the lawn this past weekend we were all hesitant to do a cartwheel. Matilda encouraged each of us in turn. Aunt Molly & I both gave in and did decent cartwheels, especially for two people really out of practice!

Matilda's little "Try" encouragement really makes me laugh, especially because it is usually unexpected. It is a good reminder to maintain a kid's optimistic outlook and not be afraid to tackle new things.

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