Tuesday, January 8

Pug Storm

One of the highlights of our holiday trip for Matilda was my Dad's new pug puppies, Wally (black) and Ricky (fawn). Above you can see them in full charge mode. They would swirl around the living room in a ball of wrestling fur and someone would inevitably predict a pug storm. Matilda spent a good percentage of her time at Dad & Kathy's house sitting in the crate where the puppies sleep. She would call them in there, and then, overjoyed, pull the door closed behind as one eventually joined her.As expected, they are champion lickers and loved Matilda's perpetually sticky, tasty toddler fingers. She would return the love with big licks (emphatic lllmmph sound) back and we had to repeatedly remind her not to french kiss the dogs. (The same dogs who would run out to the barn and eat sheep poop at the first opportunity.)

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